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Technical Garment Manufacturer

AMP has the right people, assets, and methodologies. Our capabilities in the manufacturing industry are tried-and-true. From the initial concept to the final product, our attention to detail is second to none. In an ever-evolving industry, AMP has set the bar for innovation and delivery. Explore our site and see for yourself - we love our work and we’re sure you will, too.

Our time-tested efficient and convenient production methodologies (from development to production and in-house quality control ) allow us to ensure that we provide the best quality services to our clients. Each year, our factory can produce up to 1.2 million pieces of garments. Our current product mix is 35% taped items (snowboard and ski-wear), 30% casual wear (trousers, shorts, and bomber), 10% down items (jacket and coat), and 25% knit items (performance and basic knitwear). We manufacture our clients’ diverse array of products and export them to localities around the world.

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Hong Kong Head Office

Showroom, Finance and Management

Dongguan Sample Factory

Centralized Product Development and Merchandizing

Indianapolis, Indiana Business Development Center

Custom Relations and Business Developments

Vietnam Factories

Bulk Production and Standardized Quality Management System in Central Vietnam

China Factories

Medium Scale Production in Guilin, Jiangxi, and Sichuan

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DG Cutting Area
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Hong Kong Headquarters

Sample Factory in Dongguan

Factory in Quang Tri, Vietnam

Factory in Sichuan and Guilin

Our Clients

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Our Partners

Our Partners
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